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Creative design, illustration and articles
for print and internet
We create design and text for editorial and publicity purposes.

Whether you wish to publish a book, a brochure or a website, we can offer a wide range of graphic design ideas, drawn and photographic illustrations and text articles for your publication.

We can also help you develop and produce the public presentation of your organization or event, from concept to finished publication, effectively and within budget.
Design and images
website design
design of print publications including, books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, CDs / DVDs, posters, flyers, postcards
corporate design, including logos, letterheads, icons, layouts
illustrations, including handmade and computer-generated drawings, paintings and maps

We also have a large photo archive, mostly travel photos of Greece, Turkey and Italy

Videos for presentations and websites
Articles and text
news and feature articles in English
copy text in English
English text editing and sub-editing
German - English translation
Ursa Major Design
The new Ursa Major gallery

Visit the new Ursa Major gallery
Carlo Domeniconi concerts
in Berlin, Germany 2019

Music performed by the composer
and other musicians

Carlo Domeniconi is one of the best-known contemporary performers and composers for guitar worldwide. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Since 2009 Carlo has performed small concerts in Berlin for friends, fans and students of his work, often performing with other musicians. These concerts provide rare opportunities to see Carlo perform and enjoy his music in a wide variety of intimate settings, from art galleries and small theatres to churches.

Information in English, including concert calendar

Infos und Konzertkalender auf deutsch
Carlo Domeniconi concerts in Berlin 2019

Carlo Domeniconi concerts
in Berlin 2019
  Read the blog article
about Carlo Domeniconi's
Berlin concerts at:

Domeniconi plays Berlin - an article about Carlo Domeniconi's concerts in Berlin at The Cheshire Cat Blog

The Cheshire Cat Blog

My Favourite Planet blogs
New Ursa Major gallery

Ursa Major artwork, design and photography in a new format.

The new Ursa Major gallery

Ursa Major gallery

My Favourite Planet - the international online travel guide

My Favourite Planet
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My Favourite Planet, the online travel guide, includes two blogs:


Edwin Drood's Column - the blog by the Mysterious Edwin Drood at My Favourite Planet

Edwin Drood's Column
  Edwin Drood's Column

Strong opinions on news and events around the world.
The mysterious Edwin Drood's searing gaze is directed
to a wide variety of topics: from the economic crisis in
the Euro Zone, through the weirdness of North Korea's
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The Cheshire Cat Blog - travel articles, photo essays, videos and postcards at My Favourite Planet

The Cheshire Cat Blog
  The Cheshire Cat Blog

travel articles, photo essays, videos and
postcards from various parts of the planet.

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