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Postcard for Galgenbruders Nachtgesang by Theater Bunte Büchse

Postcard for the Theater Bunte Büchse
production Galgenbruders Nachtgesang
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Theater Bunte Büchse

publicity for theatre productions
The theatre company, whose German name literally translated means "colourful box", was founded by the eurythmist and director Birgit Hering. Originally the company's repertoire consisted mainly of performances of fairy tales for children, featuring, music, song, eurhythmic dance, poetry and puppets.

In recent years it has "grown up", and now presents complex shows for adults. Galgenbruders Nachtgesang (2015), for example, is poetic collage of mini dramas, speech, music and eurythmy, based on the works of the German poet Christian Morgenstern.

Birgit Hering works with a wide variety of actors, dancers, artists, musicians and composers, including Carlo Domeniconi, Roland Bittmann and Il-Ryun Chung, who have also composed music for her productions.

I have worked with Birgit since 2004, designing publicity (posters, flyers, postcards, programmes, websites ...) for her productions.

More images and information will be added to this page as soon as time allows.
Birgit Hering's website:

www.birgithering.de (in German)


design, illustration and photography:
© David John

Poster for the Patchwork Eurythmy Festival in Berlin, May 2017

Poster for the Theater Bunte Büchse / NeuesBodenpersonal
Patchwork Eurythmy Festival, Berlin, May 2017
"Patchwork" Festival

poster, postcard, flyer, programme
Birgit Hering first conceived the ambitious Patchwork project and festival in 2015 to showcase the variety of ways in which different artists approach and present Eurythmy, the art of rhythmic movement.
Birgit Hering's website:

www.birgithering.de (in German)
illustration and design:
© David John
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